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Just in case you thought you could use mobile web to anticipate train arrival times, #WMATA is wise to your tactics.

Twitter web UI fails to display triforce correctly but iOS app gets it right:


Taking pseudoephedrine this morning.

Current status:

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Is there a word for when dryer lint comes off the filter in one clean smooth sheet? Like "glory wipe" but for laundry.

When a guy answers a measured and reasonable comment by editing it to add this, "virulent" puts it mildly:

Agreed! (^_^)y

Doing this in FF4 now. (The novelty kind of wore off.)

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#WMATA Orange Line delays continue on Vienna-Fairfax side, but New Carrolton-bound trains running at decent intervals.

NYT World News Picks seem to have disappeared from . Boo. Replacing with PBS Newshour. Yay.

There's a typo in this loot item; pretty sure it should be "scalding" -

Screenshot of aforementioned Epic Win loot drop:

Still just a dusting so far on the bushes in Dunn Loring, not much sticking to brick/pavement. #snomg

Latest official Twitter app update deobtrusifies the #dickbar but has not fixed overeager autocomplete popover.

Updated iOS app: still a non-starter.

Just noticed iPhone app hides saved searches behind an extra tap -- giving promoted topics more visibility:

Here's what my Mentions look like in the app, AFTER marking as spam and blocking:

What can I do about text spam like this? Receiving it counts against my SMS allocation.

What I've been playing to pass time on Metro lately: