N. Richards


Nizhoni. 15. My goal is to become an inspiration. Don't let the world change your smile. Let your smile change the world! :)

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You make my heart smile. (:

People throw rocks at things that shine ♥

I love this new twitter! :D

Never fail to make the entire class smile. #biologypals #biologyclassclowns :)

Never fail to make the entire class laugh. #thethreebiologystooges (:

(Sighs..) One day.. My wishes will come true. #hope :D

I know I am beautiful. I know I am strong. Because I love myself, and I was put here for a reason.

Isn't my little cousin beautiful? :D

This is a old picture, but oh well. (:

Haha. :)

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams. C:

My favorite lotion! #inlove #bathandbodyworks <3

Aha, a worm. #randompicture :D

The princess of pop. #ilovehermusic #classic90smusic :)

There's fishes on Ashlyn's i-pod! :D

#jokeoftheday enjoy. :D

Aha, I remember this. #8thgrademath #schooool :P

Hannah! :D

Oh yeah! Britney Spears! #ilovehermusic #princessofpop :D

My favorite track people! #7thgradetrackmemories #surpriseshot :D