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Nizhoni. 15. My goal is to become an inspiration. Don't let the world change your smile. Let your smile change the world! :)

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My adorable little sister! #cute #beautiful <3

Little Devils. #funnyoldpicture ;D

Oh lord.. #funnyoldpicture

Oh lord.. Me in my second grade play costume. :D

Nine years was too short. I'll come back to this school and graduate as a patriot. #BESTschoolever

New York looks so cuddly! I want to snuggle with him! #mykittylooksadorable [:

Bahahaha! #funny! :D

Such amazing talent! Why did she have to leave so early? #RIPAmyWinehouse :(

D'awh! This is too cute! #spongebob :)

Ha, I must admit. This picture really made me laugh. #randompicture xD

#friends (:

My favorite care bear!! #classic #childhood :)

We do some pretty weird things in biology.. #itsashame T_T

Hello. (;

Even though this little girl has down syndrome. She still looks beautiful. (:

I love this song! <3

Ta DA! My lovely drawing :D! Until Tristan's older brother ruined it! :(

Like my drawing? :) #biology

I was bored out of my young mind... .-.

People throw rocks at things that shine. ♥