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": I think that's the wrong screenshot, could you send to"

Derp Derp.

Eli loves his horses! Thank you so much for the thoughtful, timely gift.

Hey! Guess what the kids are watching tonight? At this very moment I'm fact. ;]

Weather too hot? Come and visit me in Seattle. Kinda don’t believe this is mid-August…

From the vault of surprising Olympic moments:
“Oh my goodness me! He has absolutely *walked* himself into exhaustion!”


(you thought I was joking?)

Let’s get to support mobile browsers!

Step 1: post on craigslist
Step 2:

My iPhone has waaaay more Gs than yours:


Web site isn't sending password reset instructions from iPhone. It flashes "Unprocessable Entity", then:

Drove by this today, right down the hill from my house:

Looks like your advice worked at rush hour!

No pic of the snowman? Here's the one I made with my kids (and some neighbor kids):

Wrapping some presents for the kids. Just in the nick of time...

I agree, words with friends, I AGREE:

Looks like that / team really has their priorities straight! Another app like the first?

Hey, that looks familiar! (I just need a monitor upgrade to match even better)

And on my last attempt…Boom!

This app?

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