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thank goodness I had my other half with me at Hunger Games, who shares my #Gale obsession

What is going on?! Don't doze in logic..

What is going on?! Apparently it's a bad day to doze out for a few minutes #logic

My spring break has made my reading list get a bit out of hand #ohwell

You LOVED it. I have evidence.  RT : uhhhhh #thisiscrazy #tooloud

My dad thinks I'm drunk because I called to talk to my dog... #definitelynot #thatsnormalright?

Wine and M&M's at the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra because is such a stud! #pantydroppinbaratone #latraviata

How am I supposed to write my paper with this face staring at me? #socute

I would be the one whose yarn gets so tangled that I can't find my big.. is a life saver!

"Is my tongue red?" #wineface

"SHAME ON YOU!" thanks for my quote of the day.

Okay, I take it back. I'm loving how slow work is! 


Hahaha some bitch photoshopped me out?! #iwasthere RT : what?????????

This is what I get for briefly opening the window.. #duststormproblems

my mom just made my weekend #thinmints

gets priority parking #brat