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Vintage WDW character head shirt.

Hard to see in the pic, but SSE's gutters have sprung a leak. Minor waterfall underneath.

Monorail Cat has returned to the barn.

Cost of a day at Epcot on opening day...

... Versus the lines at Epcot that day...

An empty MK on Epcot's opening day...

Epcot, meet ascot

Traffic at the Epcot toll booth on opening day, as seen in Orlando Sentinel.

Come on, ... You know you wanna sponsor a space pavilion at Epcot. Check out the model from 1978

Seems legit.

Ah, yes. The umbrella... The hawk's natural enemy.

Because the internet can always use more cats.

Oh goody, it's that time of year again.

hate to say it, but I think my Rutspeed decal has finally given up the ghost.

Ladies and gentlemen... The Hall of Pezidents.

Looks like one of those building height survey balloons visible from 7 seas lagoon (tiny white dot low in sky)

Where am I in WDW, Extremely Obscure Edition: (be specific!)

ain't it the truth.

Red Hot Handwich ephemera in honor of 's birthday

Picked up one of these little souvenirs today...