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Beware cheap imitators: insist only upon genuine products at your general store.

Turkey leg wallet. Where's your God now?

We got AWESOME seats for Candlelight!

Unfortunate label placement

Obligatory food pr0n

Election night BBQ. Always.

One shank, two cups

Yep, it's October First.

Awesome #epcot30 car in the lot today

For #epcot30 I broke out the shirt I had custom made for Celebration 25... Haven't worn it in five years.

Event credentials have grown taller over 5 years. I feel like I should mark heights on a Communicore door jamb.

Hey, look... It's and in haute fashion

Yup, it's Food and Wine days again.

Sorry Nemo broke, but no free Soarin' for you.

Imagination appears ready for Fastpass+... Merge point installed and a relatively silly amount of switchbacks

This looks shopped. I can tell by some of the pixels and from having seen quite a few photoshops in my day.

The hands of the maquettes on the Little Mermaid ride make it look like it's going 400 mph

#Epcot30, hipster version (technically #EPCOT46)


Today at work. Because, you know, September 9th.