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sure, Bondi can be cheesy, but the sunset surfers don't think so. Beautiful.

  • 1967 days ago via site
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lucky for me, I had a good day: the 5th rep was the best one

  • 1970 days ago via site
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just when you thought Thursdays were no fun

  • 1970 days ago via site
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when low-speed crashing onto your face, be sure to use the mandible - a nice strong bone w plenty of bloody supply

  • 1972 days ago via site
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not that I'm into pre-packing but I did get some very cool luggage from that no one else on the flight should have!

  • 1973 days ago via site
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you know the eau de parfum is good when it's vac packed

  • 1976 days ago via site
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impersonated a steamtrain upstairs for my TT erg session but didn't take prescribed ergogenic aids

  • 1977 days ago via site
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I also got hotted up w the new Fringe in Violet! Thanks !

  • 1990 days ago via site
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team colours are orange & blue? No worries!! Big M and Georgie to the rescue for my Fassa Bortolo uniform!

  • 1990 days ago via site
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please note absence of rain ANYWHERE else in the state

They're gonna make such beautiful babies...

even Iffy's on board for Melbourne 2010's il Diablo competition!

  • 2172 days ago via site
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before it cools, drizzle sugary lemon syrup over it. Should bribe my hosts just right!

  • 2174 days ago via site
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custard laden profiteroles food of champions (he pretended he was appeasing the chef... sure you were Cadel)

  • 2175 days ago via site
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Some poor punter has to lead the grupetto in!

  • 2194 days ago via site
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woohoo, made the Giro Donne tv coverage! Nice shot of the Edge 65s too!

  • 2209 days ago via site
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This is Paulo, and this is the 400º pizza oven that makes beautifully delicious food completely inappropriate for gals riding the Giro in 9 days

  • 2223 days ago via site
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I'm officially selling myself! 2009 Kelly Cup victory in the US is part of official merchandise for Melbourne 2010

  • 2233 days ago via site
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My 9yo friend has put in a formal application for a dog, complete with 'yes/no' option for Mama e Papa.

  • 2252 days ago via site
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serene morning on Lago Maggiore today, I had a great ride

  • 2254 days ago via site
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