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It's open, what a relief! I hate riding all the way to 6km climb w 13 switchbacks, only to find it's not passable...

WWI boat, next to the Piave river in Nervesa della Battaglia

Au revoir Belgium. 192 starters in today's high speed meander through fields & towns. I was cactus from the start, pleased to be heading home..

I have worn worse outfits, I'm sure of it.

Fry it, eat it, enjoy

It's a balmy 13* in sunny Dottignies, BEL and we are pumped to be racing!

One hell of a saw-toothed SRM file! Flanders data: 130km, 3h40m, 1055m alt gained, av 212W, 151HR, 2815kJ

If there was ever a day to hit the banned list, this is it! Damn the Italians & their no-eating policy

It seemed as if my day was over many times, but Flanders is oft about mixed fortunes. Finished, flogged, relieved.

Belgium worships at the church of cycling and this Sunday I'm singing in the choir!

Extra bar tape, aluminium rims, saddle a tad lower, e pronta! A different universe from last year's team bikeb

Arriviamo in Belgio! L to R: Elena Berlato, Simona Frapporti, Elisa Longo Borghini, Gloria Presti e Jennifer Fiore

Yessirree, that be the course for the UCI women's Ronde van Vlaanderen. The Muur seemed longer than 450m..

Thank god the Manager smokes! It means we get to stop after 4.5h & lust after rabbits

Elisa Longo Borghini, her Mama went to 2 Olympics for xc skiing & her brother rides for Liquigas. Good DNA!

And snow capped Swiss Alps sound better when bad Italian musak isn't turned up to 11

If my sinuses weren't being drilled by pain merchant gnomes, I'd probably be better lookin

And so, the road trip begins to the North. Some infamous names creating heroes in a 50km radiu

Would you like an elaborate pagola for your back yard with that?

It's not just hills & being hungry, we have Chapel St too!