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Writing book on history of PLATO system ( I do startups (Birdrock/Nettle/Eventful/FlatWorks/Coconut) and mentor founders.

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waiting for D event to start

Apple's App Store search appears to be, as usual, useless in finding new apps like Talko...

Today's jury duty reading material: Hughes' BARCELONA. And the word of the day, definitely "caganer"

A pitter patter of water drops and then rare (brief) La Jolla *rain*, BUT ALSO a double rainbow:

Actual Headline today: "Tesla May Be More Valuable Than Ever Imagined"... My reaction:

Headline: Tesla May Be More Valuable Than Ever Imagined My reaction:

I'm so old I can remember when it was possible to buy plain yellow Post-It notes, w/ no other damn colors

Ohboyohboyohboy my $0.01, used, 54yo Norman Crowder programmed instruction textbook arrived!

Congrats Google, your finance pages are now as lame as Yahoo's. #botfail

What one sees upon clicking on your link

I dunno, everytime I post or even read something at it's like...

Leading contender for favorite new front door in a La Jolla home (look closely)

Luckily there is an instant cure (w/ one minor side effect)

CNBC app this morning: the perfect ad to match the SCOTUS news alert:

Make an appointment, they said. Save lots of time, they said. #DMV #fail

Make an appointment, they said. Save lits of time, they said. #DMV #fail

Voting early *and* often for the next San Diego criminal-in-office.

Somebody go press the spacebar between the BE and the A pleeease

On the way home from Honolulu. Book research takes me to interesting places.

No, not my book. Couldn't be; this one's only 1808 pages.