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Sorry I'm late guys -->


Facebook is trying to give me a location crisis. Where do I live?!?!

Apparently after following me on Twitter for 5 years and 4 days, this person hasn't seen any of my travel tweets..

Is that a haboob happroaching?

Another day..

I think I'm over due, too! Check out the mic I picked up for my NEX-3!

Haven't seen a snow plow in hours. Where are they? People still cruisin'

Window paint + neon reflection = OM NOM NOM @ Harry's Burritos

A bowl of mochaccino to help fend off the blizzard in NYC..

Okay I think I'm starting to get the hang of


Whoa whooa WHOA...

This will not end well...

I spy on skates. #paparazzi

Ever ice skate? I haven't. FYI: that red blur is a guy face planting

Sitting in on a music-writing jam session with & cc

Hello, Denver