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#Athena aftermath in my backyard. #Snowvember #ClimateChange

#Athena aftermath in my backyard. #snowvember #climatechange

The amusement pier at Seaside Heights before & after #Sandy #NJSandy

Neighbor's tree went down. Compare the size of tree lying down with the adjacent house. #NJSandypics #NJSandy #Sandy

A few limbs that have already come down, which I moved onto our front lawn. Already more damage from #Sandy than #Irene

cool shadow on liberty tower this afternoon #nyc

me looking at camera looking at me looking at camera.... #LegalIT #ConsultantsLife

final prep of mcsorley's cheese plate for my wife. this should only be impressive if you've ever been to mcsorley's

stepped out of the hospital for an hour to prepare a special treat for the wife: the mcsorley's cheese plate

reason #42 why i enjoy following some b-list celebs on twitter -

what did I tell you?!? #yankees #mykuroda

this everything bagel is a little light on the everything

cappuccino is listed under "indulgence" ... quit judging me, flavia!

pretty sure this is not what they meant #capemay #bedandbreakfast

Mitch Hedberg sighting on the NJ Transit?

happy mothra's day

I may want to heed this warning

taking care of a new puppy is a full time job... good thing my full time job allows me to take some vacation days

the "I blame favre" sign in the background on msnbc is classic

one picture of #snowmageddon ; sunrise almost makes being outside to shovel worth it. almost

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