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Love politics, tech and media, old and new. Eternal optimist. 2011-2012 Urban Fellow @nycdigital, @yale '11.

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The which killed the modest plan to expand background checks is running ads telling Congress to "get serious".

Disturbed to see a place called "University Gun & Pawn" last month in #Tampa. #Guns & #schools don't mix. #GunControl

Disturbed to see a place called "University Guns & Pawn" last month in #Tampa. Guns & schools don't mix. #GunControl

. website displaying random characters. Is it down? #Sandy

Something's up with 's analytics. #TrumpSurprise video showing just 321 views.

FACT: directed Congress to give extra $ to #Israel for the Iron Dome missile defense system. #lynndebate

FACT: Under , funding to #Israel has been increased to record levels each year. #lynndebate #debates

Obama visited Israel in '08. Didn't have donor circus. Went to Yad Vashem and Sderot where saw deep threat. #debates

Want to make calls for but short on mins? Use call tool @ &make FREE calls w/.

The great thing about #freespeech is that everyone can see for themselves that Ahmadinejad is a raging nut job.

That is outrageous! She has no place being there. I hope she struck her heart extra hard for her many sins.

. bought FB ads that show friends who "like" him. I learned that only 3 of my friends like him…out of 627.

Don't appreciate 's ad on Facebook apparently targeted at Jews. Stop pandering and politicizing #Israel!

Shocked by 10/11 showing 45% of Americans have a gun at home and 53% oppose banning semi-automatic rifles.

Love that #Indian sites use math problems instead of Captchas. cc:

Hello, summer: it's 70° in NYC in March. Winter? We hardly knew thee. And, spring? #climate

I saw this yesterday at a Barnes & Noble cafe and was thinking of your class. Hopefully Sbux won't follow suit!

has ads on the web & the NYC subway aimed at convincing ppl that the filtered net is a good thing.

Dessert sales at could be much sweeter:

Wikipedia down for 24 hours. This will definitely raise awareness about how #SOPA and #PIPA would imperil the web.