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Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not.

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. If you're looking for your shoes they're hanging up at a Hard Rock Cafe in Beirut, Lebanon.

Glad I could help you, spam-person!

you around later? Let's get some…

., is this you?

Cleared 10.5 gigs of stuff off my iPhone. Time to fill it with more useless crap.


New York Post is the greatest daily publication in America. Fuck you if you disagree!


Finally, Facebook understands me.

Facebook really understands my interests

Finally got 56k at the house! SO SWEET! Be back in an hour. Downloading an mp3!!


EXCLUSIVE : Already released, iPhone 6 preview photo. Apple quoted as saying "Fuck it. You guys will buy anything."

SO thin!! SO money!!!

New food group "dayry". Includes fruit juice, ice, and beans.

New food group "dayry". Includes fruit juice, ice, and beans.

look what I found in the fridge! looks like someone is getting IRIEEEE MON!!!

Went online to look for a guitar nut from Come up with this gem

Is this the ultimate YOLO? (Cool eyebrows btw)

. Someone must have torn out our pages and posted them in their locker. I can't find us in here anywhere!