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UX designer and developer with Allied Pixel. Lover of all things web standards, usability, Apple and sushi. Butcher of the English language and hater of IE6.

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somebody crossed the streams on the NFL Draft event. either that or they really scale it back in the later rounds

a 24" wide soft pretzel?!? the crew knows me too well. where'd I put my hack saw? -

100% chance of rain all day, huh, #juatadmityouareguessing

why has it taken so long for this to appear in an OS?!? immediate recognition of existing files/folders - love!

digging into a morning of mobile website testing. laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices queued up -

you know, those people who hoard water for impending disasters suddenly don't seem so crazy...

so that's why there's no power in the building. thanks for the heads up PECO

double rainbow all the way across the sky!!... and 95N

overall I'm loving Lion, but some of the minified UI elements are puzzling. dock badges are practically useless -

wondering what people flying into Philly think when they see this out the window

principles of open web: transparency, connectability, freedom of social forms, open discourse, pay it forward -

boardwalk, no. beach walk, yes -

scored prime real estate for the DMB performance at 8pm!

zerg birthday cake. you're jealous. #starcraft

mobile work setup for the train ride. I might be mad with power right now... yes I'm that dick taking up two seats

a visit from our neighborhood girl yields 20 free deluxe spicy chicken sandwiches. jealousy, you has it!

not sure what the big deal is. looks just like my view