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This bonfire is getting too big...

Cottage bonfire for thanksgiving. #niceeee

This is for sure a winning ticket. #proline

Jays vs. Yankees.

Someone put a little too much sunscreen! Long weekend memories.

Afternoon boat party! #imonaboat

Amazing day on the water, weather is absolutely perfect right now! #endofsummer

The Bell Store can be very dangerous, good thing 's customer is wearing a helmet.

Going H.A.M at the cottage Entourage style tonight!

Someone's enjoying some take-out food! So lucky.

Starting the weekend early! #rocket

Perfect day to golf!

Best snack of the day, Jello chocolate pudding! #sogood

Aftermath of little sister puking out the window...

Little sister puking out the side of the window! Someone doesn't know how to handle alcohol!

Starting my weekend with some treats!! Delish

So busy at the Barbershop I'm sitting in the back room! #smh #longweekend

jealous guy?! #niceeee

This was a commercial on BET...

First meal of the day here. Who's into it?! #hungover #whyamiatwork

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