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If you don't already have 's album, you probably suck, but there's hope! This is how cool he is.

Dog whispering.

Thanks Netflix for the old-timey x-mas racism! This "classic" short has shoe shining & laundry. Guess who does what?

at Arch St Tavern, Hartford. #btarchst #blitzentrapper

KILLING at Arch St Tavern. #btarchst #blitzentrapper

Blitzen Trapper KILLING at Arch St. #btarchst

was great tonight. Really nice guy, too. His drummer is like a Swiss army musician. Scary talent.

Mark Mulcahy & co were great tonight. Super nice guy, too. His drummer is like a Swiss army musician. #markmulcahy

Very excited for this. They KILLED last time.

Saddened to find this at my favorite used book store. Disgusting & creepy. #religion #atheism #science

Honestly, you'd think the Vatican would be avoiding this sort of thing by now. #pope

With General Zod in the band, they take no shit!

You guys were great - and thanks for being so sweet with my girls!

An unpopular bar in the Bahamas.

News just used this pic for story about father abducting child.Understandable, really. #atheism #jesus

News Local news reporting a father who'd abducted his child showed this pic instead. Understandable. #teamjesu

As you wish: my '88 JCM 800 life partner.

Two awesome ladies.


Do it. #Obama2012

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