Chevy Chafe


I put the amber ale in Amber Alert. Brewer/Cellarman at @DueSouthBrewing. (''Tweets are my own'' disclaimer) Co-host of the @UnitedWeDrink podcast.

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See what you've driven me to, ?

. Which button on the microwave makes it "handcrafted"?

These FTW :

. It's the #2 suggested search, guys. Give us a break already.

Thanks! Tapping our new Descension belgian-style tripel today, awesome beer dinner Thursday

Great lineup of locals at (and more not pictured)!

People who go on vacation and then endlessly complain on social media about the hassles of travel.

Someone needs to stop this terrorist.

Starting a new trend that is sure to sweep the nation - the Showler.

Lots of fresh Category 3 IPA rolling off the line this afternoon! #YesWeCAN

OK guys, now we can devote all our sports energy to baseball!!

Feels like I never left.


My mother in law (realtor) just sent me (brewer) an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Hops go in the vegetable crisper.

Coffee beer = podcast fuel. Recording another with .

It's my Sunday. Anyone wanna guess where I am? #lovewhatyoudo

Few weeks. We've got plenty of cans to fill.

Wife stocked the fridge. #Hero