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Lead developer for Elgg. Former pre-K music teacher. Linux / OSS guy. Big geek. Recovering emo kid. Possibly weird. Don't be scared.

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Cute, :

I might have a problem. (Taken with my crappy BB Playbook.)

. will definitely enjoy his new scratcher, but I doubt he'll enjoy the pun as much as I did.

Follow up to previous tweet, swat are here, too. #PreserveCrossing #Gahanna

My mom is watching for a while. Just got these texts.

Can anyone who works at an airline give a reasonable explanation for the cost differences here?

I think I found 's good side.

The final results. Not bad for a cheap set of binoculars and some cardboard!

My super awesome, not at all ghetto eclipse watching setup!

.'s cat grass looks like strung out hooker hair.

Me: Listen to Helena Beat. Google Voice Search: Did you mean...? Me: Nope, nope, nope.

I have never understood having this on the XAMPP site. Who is she? What is she doing there? Why are her legs open?

A WalMart Easter:

Found this gem while reviewing slides for past ElggCamps. Lovely, Brett...

Should have known going out with would result in this!

This is definitely my favorite swag for ElggCamp SF. These will be part of the raffle at the end of the night!

Perfecting colors for ECSF tees

Perfecting colors for ECSF tees

Perfecting colors for ECSF tees

Perfecting colors for ECSF tees