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My Season 7 club card is here!! w00t! Now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my University of Denver Bally/BALLZ.


Here is Maes being interviewed a few minutes after 11:00. Hghghjfjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjfjfkfkfkfkfjfjfjfkdjfkdjdjdjdjdjdjdjfkfjfjfjfkfjffj

3,800-vote edge confirmed. Media guy overheard saying he expects a victory speech in next 10-15 mins.

Maes is here, was chatting with supporters a few minutes ago. "Hang in there," he says.

These numbers haven't appeared on TV here yet. When they do, I predict there will be much cheering. Almost 1,800 votes.

While I hang out at the Maes party, my car is parked right near a U.N. plot.

Here's the podium where Dan Maes will eventually either declare victory or concede defeat, if the race is called tonight.

CNN ready for a live shot from Denver with election results tonight. #rightnow

Best part of voting in person: you get a sticker!

Violating the sanctity of my own secret ballot, as per usual. :) Photo taken earlier. , .

Tweeting while running. #sunset #couchto5k

Speaking of #PANIC...

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Sunrise. Happy Friday!

Dept. of Demonstrably Untrue Bumper Stickers:

Echofon stores all your previously used hashtags. When I type #P, this is the list of suggestions that comes up. Heh. *#

Somebody left a stack of some doom-and-gloom economic publication in the office bathroom, encouraging me to #PANIC *#

Coming inside after taking out trash, startled to find creepy-looking bug on front door. #PANIC *#

Frappuccino acquired. Happiness achieved. *#