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What a day!  

  • 922 days ago via Plume
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Huey Lewis has all the ladies gathered at the stage. Seems that he knows what he's doing...

  • 925 days ago via Plume
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Happy end of diet day! Thx to pinterest, I now have back all the calories I previously removed.

  • 928 days ago via Plume
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Same color mouthwash and hand soap means that sometimes my hands are minty fresh.

  • 931 days ago via Plume
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There's too many rules here.

  • 933 days ago via Plume
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Ok fold out sofa, let's agree that if you don't kill my back, I won't burn you to a crisp in the morning. Thx.

  • 933 days ago via Plume
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Nobody will put ice cream in a helmet for me, as much as I ask. Is this even America? #BLW2014

  • 942 days ago via Plume
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Ok listen up Twitter and/or Plume, we need to talk. This is unacceptable.

  • 947 days ago via Plume
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Chastise for bad lawn maintenance or applaud for wildflower advocacy?

  • 947 days ago via Plume
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. yep, it won.

  • 948 days ago via Plume
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Took dog2 to the vet today. She wouldn't calm down until I let her sit in the chair. Then it was all free and easy.

I guess that makes sense, as this is what I have at my desk.

You wash your screen out with soap, QuizUp! Potty mouth!

There's that beautiful California weather I flew out here for.

I think the Spurs franchise is prob making enough money to pay for a transportation upgrade. It might be time, guys.

Thanks for the drink coupons, ! They're just in time for my flight in a few weeks! You guys rock.

Yow. Cowboy got his hand stuck in the ropes on the bull. He's fine.

Utter tragedy. #cheese... Well, "cheese"

New icon set, new wallpaper. It's like a whole new phone! Yay #android! (yeah, it's been a busy night)

Who threw Dippin Dots all over my yard!?