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Snowy scene in Philipsburg, Pa., on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011.

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Misti J.

  • 1847 days ago via site
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Snow dusting the ground on Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 in Centre County, Pa.

Photo courtesy of Facebook fan Sandy M.

  • 1847 days ago via site
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A winter wonderland on October 1st at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, W.Va.!

  • 1848 days ago via site
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Here's our track for Nate. We have hurricane @ next update 2:

  • 1871 days ago via site
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Insane flooding in Bloomsburg, Pa. Can barely see the car

  • 1871 days ago via site
  • 1,855

Flooding in Bloomsberg, Pa. (from Jessica Austin)

  • 1871 days ago via site
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Flooding along I-80 W near Buckhorn, Pa.

  • 1871 days ago via site
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Flooding from Emily in Fajardo, Puerto Rico (uploaded by Vanessa Perez on our Facebook page)

  • 1908 days ago via site
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This squirrel has had it with the heat (posted on our AccuWeather Facebook page by Michael G.)

  • 1920 days ago via site
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Beautiful capture of storm clouds illuminated by the sun.

This photo from Terre Haute, Ind., is courtesy of Facebook fan Mike G.

  • 1930 days ago via site
  • 413

Great photo of altocumulus clouds at sunset.

Photo by Facebook fan Zach L.

  • 1948 days ago via site
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Stunning photo of clouds on the edge of a thunderstorm complex!

Photo taken in Erie, Pa., on June 4, 2011, is courtesy of Facebook fan Anton B.

  • 1967 days ago via site
  • 2,006

Hail (1.25" diameter) covered the ground in Terre Haute, IN this PM. Winds tore a hole in the roof of a community theater.

Photo of hail in Terre Haute captured by Facebook Fan Michael G.

  • 1995 days ago via site
  • 1,879

Damage from the storm in Franklin KY

Photo submitted by Facebook Fan Bobbie D.

  • 2013 days ago via site
  • 265

Spring is that you? Blooming flowers makes us think...warm weather.

Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Dennis C.

  • 2024 days ago via site
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A tree fell on a Facebook fan's house in Trent Woods, NC.

Photo by Facebook fan Bruce W.

  • 2028 days ago via site
  • 261

For all of you patiently awaiting spring, here is a great spring scene of a swan in Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Facebook Fan Tom M.

  • 2030 days ago via site
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Tennis ball-sized hail in Thomas Mills, Pa. Wednesday, March 23.

  • 2039 days ago via site
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Great lightning picture captured in Palmyra/Fork Union, Va.

Photo submitted by Facebook fan Stacy M.

  • 2042 days ago via site
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Supermoon 2011

Photo from Stottville, NY. Submitted by Face book Fan Cheryl B.

  • 2044 days ago via site
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