Kevin Mills


Clever clogs copywriter. OK, so clever up to a point. And I lied about the clogs.

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Prints such as this at Somerset House from Friday 23rd

Does anyone else find this vaguely exciting?

Best outer line I've seen for a while.

Suddenly, the BMW Mini looks a bit last century.

Watching FA Cup semi-final on giant sheet.

Their baps are good.

That's often the way with doors, isn't it?

It won't see 2011. And the way my head is feeling, neither might I.

There's a laughing spaniel under my desk.

Marilyn Monroe is under my desk.

At least I'm alright for a few beers if the work dries up

Here boy!

Here boy!

Here boy!

It was called LePages and I found a box in the loft. Sadly, no glue.

Tupperware water jug at Pizza Express. Classy.

Zelda? ZELDA!!!

You'd have thought this guy would have been more aware of the dangers.

This must be the Plimsoll Line.

Weirdest strapline ever.