Kevin Mills


Clever clogs copywriter. OK, so clever up to a point. And I lied about the clogs.

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These watches cost an average of £2,500. Yet every one was wrong!

2.6 seconds is more than enough time to spot poor English.

Eating roast pig!

Bounder has a friend staying play nicely now.

Another pod drops from Eye. Still no sign of occupants.

Day 4, BBQ no. 4.

Is this the laziest ad ever?

New home, same old stereotypes.

Look out!

Dig road up, re-lay in wrong colour then paint barest minimum. Quality.

Wine testing (hic) at Taste of London.

French destroyer in Thames. Zoot alors!

Long neck Titchmarsh.

Long neck Titchmarsh.

Strangely dressed people up poles in Canary Wharf.

It's spelt Jon Ronson, isn't it? #endorsementfail

This is a worry. First thing I saw was 'nice prick'.

Keeping a fish like this is responsible?

Store Layout Designer required. Apply DFS.

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