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Prom! Unreal time thanks to :)

Awe me and Braccs!

Dress for tomorrow! I mean it appears I'm a little preggers but who really gives a hoot?

I cry #fattweet#dontgiveafucktweet

If you fit the description holler at me #acceptingbothgenders

My moms bbm picture #issues#notokay

Thank you to my beautiful mom for picking me up from the side of the road and bringing me home #gem

New MK watch! Thanks mom & dad! Now maybe ill start being on time..#doubtful

My birthday kitty #itwasanice12hours

Tonight #thatsitthatsall

Discovered this beautiful thing the other day...too bad he's nameless #mysterious

Megan Fox #lesbianmoment

Ya I'm probably pickin' up some sort of skin cancer in this life time #mixina30#rebelwithoutacause

I need to get this blown up and put on a plaque or something #hilarious

Nothing makes me happier than seeing this on my itunes homepage! You did it #hoodielove

Mom starts imitating me & my girls. Classic finger point. Sad I actually look like this #shesabeaut

One upside to find horribly untrendy shit you once wore! Sweet hat #iwantmymoneyback

Bro comes home and I see this on his toothbrush #animal#whatthefuckisthat

Rush Hour 2 is on....everyone leave me alone. Chan and Tucker are a knockout duo #greatflick

Apparently lacing up a pair of runners is all it takes to be down to earth now a days #whattajoke

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