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I'm Tyson Hesse and I draw a lot and have a decent butt. I'm a professional storyboarder, comic artist and animator. I also like... video games I guess.

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The sun came out for like an hour today and I looked like this.

Today on Sonic Underground I learned that Robotnik is so fat because his teeth are actually marshmallows?

This uh… this isn't what it looks like

Conflict about how hot Tzipporah from Prince of Egypt is. On the one hand it's Moses' wife. On the other hand:

. uh-oh

If sadly your gift was an iPad and not Spider-man toys, here's a great way to break it in:

Merry Christmas from me, the Spider-man.

When a client says "I want you to make this picture as bright and colorful as possible".

Meanwhile, at Comic Book Resources New Boxer Hockey and finally a scene change

Mr. Obama sir, how do you feel about this picture of my dog?

If you needed any more reason to come to SPX, how about a Sonic zine being put together by

You can't barely make heads or tails of my dog he's so black. Possibly the best thing.

Gintoki now stands proudly on my fan shelf right above my monitor so I can see him every day.

yadda yadda night yadda yadda Tails yadda yadda