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Hello. I do programming and like speaking Japanese.

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Wow, it's been almost a year since I went to Nepal. That was one awesome expedition.

Is the Android 4.2.2 clock meant to switch between old/new styles each time you turn it on/off? I would presume not…

By far my favourite iTunes UI update - the cool album pop out…and the way it colours the background.

Works fine for me.

Crap. Accidentally dragged a song in to Finder and can't delete it. Any ideas? (top left of pic near < and >)

Desk: Completed. Couldn't be happier. Just some blue LEDs to go behind the monitors, and a shelf to add now.

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Wires removed, monitors unplugged and desk burnt. New desk will be added in T-1 hour. How exciting

Wires removed, monitors unplugged and desk burnt. New desk will be added in T-1 hour. How exciting

Here's the bridge I'm working on. About 1/10th done. I shall complete tomorrow. (Still have a few touches to add to the 'completed' part - I'll post an update tomorrow.

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Returned home to find my optical drive. Hurrah. I'll put it into BOWER4 later today...

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To make up for uninteresting tweets and lack of Tweets in general, here is a panorama of my bedroom. :P

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Hope my Steam library gets bigger over the coming days and months. It feels so empty. :(

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Hurrah, another snowing picture I just took to start off the day. :P

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And here is the official message in all it's beautifulness. Anyway, goodnight! :P

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Nice (unedited) picture I took earlier today. (It's a fair bit deeper now). Thought it was nice anyway. #uksnow

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It's like learning C++ all over again. :') -wipes tear-

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Yes, I made a real life Minecraft TNT. :P Got a problem with that? Didn't think so... :P

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Got my portal ready, off I go :S

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Yay, I am *SO* happy lol. First glimpse of diamond in #Minecraft - albeit just one block. :P

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Urgh, look - old twitter. :(

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