I sell books | read books | alphabetize books | want to produce books | am queer. #thatisall The 'bookstore' in bookstorequeer, where I work, is @ 1430 Yonge

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So, I was "helping" my mom hang laundry and this happened... Whoops? #inlondon

It's amusing to realise that the beautiful manatee is the product of x million years of evolution. #EasterThoughts

Heeee! Look at the read-along story my dad found! #startrek #london #khaaaaaaaan

What I just came home to. Holy hell! #onlineshoppingisbadbutsogood

Check out the Nikon!Pig that I made for D for his birthday. #cutethings

Mergers are what happen when you play monopoly at 's house.

Spending Christmas Day evening counting my brother's many pennies. #london

Happy Holidays, everybody. From Cap, Bilb, Big G, myself, & everybody else here in #London. Be happy!

Look what I just got for Christmas, from . They're my new precioussesss! #Hobbit

The Sherlock!Skull I'm drawing for my brother this Christmas. I'm not the best but I hope he'll like it! #art

Cheesy homemade animal crackers to go with chicken pot pie. Whoot! #London

I woke up and this had happened overnight. Maaaaagic! #London

Picked up a "Magic Tree" from the dollar store before the movie tonight. Will report back with, hopefully, awesomeness! #London

Now my #WindowSmaug has scales! Eeee! #HobbitWindow #geekjoy

Painting scales for my #WindowSmaug! Yay for #HobbitCrafts!

Ok, twitter, maybe THIS looks a little more like a dragon's head. #WindowSmaug #HobbitCrafts

Does this look like a dragon head or what?! #WindowSmaug #HobbitStuff

Debris from the beginnings of my craft!Smaug for our upcoming Hobbit window at the bookstore.

My wee!Deadpool isn't quite as successful but still pretty damn adorable, I think. #geekyhalloween

Wicked, it almost, kinda worked! #geekjoy #halloween #IronMan