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Thaumatomane. Bookworm. Synthetic biology and space enthusiast. Physics student in nyc. 2010 NYU iGEM, 2011 Columbia-Cooper-Genspace iGEM

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Merry whatever you're celebrating to everyone!!! Here, look at some bacteria.

New and improved transgenic plant incubator arrangement by micky.

Bioplastic prototype at

...And this is the one without gibberellic acid.

This is our arabidopsis sample with gibberellic acid

See the little green dudes? They'll be first genetically engineered plants to come out of Genspace!

8th Day of Creation, autographed by the Linus Pauling himself!!!

Our indoor weed garden is almost ready yo. #science

Guess what's going to happen in this remote area of the lab.

I'm doing horrible things to this tube... All in the name of science.

Leisurely Thanksgiving evening. I really needed this.

I have no idea why this picture is on my phone... Did someone send it to me?

Movie props! Of course, they're not getting anywhere near the lab.

Movie setup!

The urban garden experiment is looking healthy today

MEx in the afternoon.

Anyone else find these things in elevators around here?

Setup for the workshop. Are YOU resistant to HIV?

. 's DNA sculpture and heatgun powered PCR machine!

hey no prob. Btw here's the gel pic from yesterday