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People congratulate me, I just tell em' GOD is GOOD!!!!

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Come on ladies let's stop this madness... #fail!!!

Never thought I'd see this in the hallways of Iowa State... Nice!!!

Lil Addy playoff 13s

Lil Addy cool greys

Man twitter this that bs I be telling y'all about with this Iowa weather... Look at what it feels like!!! Smh

Just fixed my txt problem... Had about 45 unread txts... o_0

Hide ya kids... Hide ya wife!!!

Why knocked out like this!!! #ItsOver

C'mon son... Who still does this?

Best drink #EVER!!!! U gotta feel me on this y'all

Someone decided to celebrate Halloween in my geology class... Check it out lol!!!!

Best orange juice ever!!!

I'm out here shinin wit my nigga ice chain lol #bow bitch!!! Hahahaha

I wake up early in the mo'nin, round the crack of dawn& I wave to my neighbors like waz up!!! #GymTime!!!

I got agent K from the men in black n my class!!! Hahahaha

Another early morning... #FuckUDoin?!?!

Man I met the Iowa State "Hip-Hop club" today twit world!!!! Take a look #hahahahahahahahaha

Up early in grind mode!!! And it's my birthday... #sacrifice

RT : Early start to what's gonna b a great week of work!!!! #FuckUDoin?!?!

Damn so my car just ran outta gas and stopped on me... Now I'm just sitting here on the side of the road hella embarassed...SMH!!!!

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