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Author, sci-fi/horror geek, Editor/Writer at for Lucasfilm.

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My kind of mood music...

: I miss your pup!

Thanks to y'all who cheered me up today w/ puppy photos, funny videos, compliments & hugs. You make awesome!

Tom Selleck doesn't need clothes to solve a mystery. #MagnumPI

: the 1st taxidermy critter I bought is my Jackalope!

: fun chatting w/ you cool ladies tonight! Sophie says hi!

: whaaaaaat!? we need to get you a cat! Or I can send you taxidermy friends!

#MagnumPI & snuggling on a sofa = Buck Rogers wishing he had a sweet stache!

#MagnumPI breaks the 4th wall more than Deadpool... and wears tighter pants.

I think I'm smitten with teenage Daniel Clowes.

Hairy, glistening Tom Selleck! You're welcome. #MagnumPI #vaginalfantasy cc:

Oooh I got my #StarWars in my #DoctorWho in my #AstroBoy!

My favorite sleuthing couple! #TheThinMan

Tonight on my #MagnumPI marathon - & Tom Selleck!

: you photobomb like a pro, Sir! #ECCC

ABS OF STEAM! Done reading "The Iron Duke" for our next #VaginalFantasy book club? cc:

Dear : If your cold ends you, I promise to dig you up & do this... #GooglyEyeArmy #VandalEyes

Time for a #Unicorn! cc: