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Living my dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. || I coach actors, cast indie darlings, and write Self-Management for Actors.

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-- It. Is. Done.

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO: puppy time with this one.

Look at what is doing with ninja today! :) ***squeeeeeee***

He's still here! :) RT great move - wait! oh shoot, you went away and took the pool boy pic with you!

Father and son celebrating "The Stupid Hike" like the champs that they are!

The view from "The Stupid Hike" and Quinn took yesterday:

Too important. I had to make this. SPELL WHOA CORRECTLY, people! Thank you.

The bait has laid out to get me back to New York sooner than October, 2012. I'm IN!

Plans for tonight: Confirmed. Cozying up w/ the MacBook Air, cable TV, and goat cheese.

Ahh... bliss.

Oh wow! is a genius at #DrawSomething (frickin' lasers). Hee!

#DrawSomething is just too much fun! :)

#lunchatthepub Decided on both! And sharing. :)

I am a master artist. #DrawSomething

My #BiteMe poster, autographed by cast and crew. Damn, that LIONSGATE logo looks good!

Didja join AFTRA in time to be a part of the mega-union? #merger

I am the BEST artist ever! #DrawSomething :)

THIS is what tells me: "Go to bed woman!" #damncat

My busted knee. Looks like it survived a #zombie outbreak, huh?

Congrats to ay and the whole #BiteMe team. What a rush! #zombies on FEARnet. Yes!