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for yosemite sam and the tourists at disneyland

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i don’t even know what these guys are talking about.

look at this. what is this dude, 15 years old?

so, if you got blocked months ago, why would you do this?

thing is, finals all depend on parker’s ankle, right? here’s last year’s final game log. check the w’s and l’s.

and this one shows why i caught all the hell yesterday. we’re supposed to pay him no the back.

and this was the part someone should have saved her from.

speaking of that black president, from coates.

that’s the excuse ppl have been using for decades. stop it. RT : it's a different time my friend.

all it took was one black woman with a stroller, and ppl were gettin the hell outta dodge

we call this terrorism these days

see, every place acts like the south when black ppl show up. the south just has more of us.

gee, that’s not the south. 1957.

god, i wish i was this good

“the essence of american racism is disrespect.” this graf is a monster.

also, the last sentence of this paragraph…yeah, there’s another layer to the “adulation.”

so, on tv, i said i’d rather stay in alabama with a corvette than move to west virginia. then this happened.

here’s the relevant portion:

it’s so sad when they get so mad.

“i mean, it was one thing when it was them. now, we have a problem.” am i wrong?