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i hate platitudes. yet, for some reason, i keep reading my mentions. it's kinda my fault, in a way.

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this part of the bagman story, really, is kinda dastardly. even the “education” their “paid” with is a con.

then this, which is especially hysterical if it’s in the south.

this part of the bagman story, easily, is the most fascinating to me.

i, on the other hand, wonder if you’re averse to math.

this paragraph from is why i’m not one to start wagging my finger when guys get dui’s.

this wellman interview’s a lot more fun for acc fans

oh RT : would stop his live tweeting to get racial and critical on twitter due to the oscars

funny to hear them mention this isn’t boeheim’s best offensive team. better than most cuse teams the last 12 years.

this man appears to ride a roller coaster of emotions

wanna hear my story on that ken griffey card, ? it’s a doozy.

this part is also of interest. richie had mind control on cats.

people just think they can say whatever about asians, man.

in other news, don’t let apple think you into think valentine’s day is for gadgets. it just isn’t.

this guy put all this effort into this email. all he got in return was me saying this was stupid.

#shoutout to those putting on capes for…warren buffett. why? who knows?

from the tennessean.

RT : don't think that's really the right way to use that word. good effort though.

look at these responses to ’s tweet. ppl get MAD when you say edelman isn’t working hard!

and, fwiw