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for yosemite sam and the tourists at disneyland

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as was the next one. gotta keep these on deck when ppl trot out their lazy “acting white” critiques.

this is an essential point

RT : Why would NA high schools use Redskins as a nickname if it was a slur?
Answer: because it isn't

meanwhile, it was hair snatching time last night?

that does not top theeeeeee single greatest photo in the history of the diaspora. STILL don’t know the event.

oh, the inbox. g’night, folks.

RT : A close-up selfie of his face AND open discussion about trying to hide his name/occupation?!?!

only thing…arresting reporters is bad and all. but more important than this? feel me?

and, yanno, arresting reporters…not good. but did ppl miss what saw while he was there?

RT : you seen this yet? lists how many people youve blocked

i never knew this detail. had chaney been with other friends, ppl may have never even bothered to find him.

and please understand, ladies and gents, this here only happens in commercials:

here’s the best part, to me: who says “webber or bradley, i don’t care which one???" DON NELSON!

there’s something to this, this workplace allows for different tools for dealing with ignorance: your left and right.

there is only one equalizer

kinda tense for some people, as you can see.

i had a scarface discussion on fb. stuff like this is why i no longer accept friend requests from strangers.

like this guy? RT : you wrote in Essence? Hopefully they'll put you in their "Most Eligible" list.

i got the scoop, y’all! these are the best emails, i swear.

y’all don’t wanna go see jay-z and beyonce?