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for yosemite sam and the tourists at disneyland

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the second paragraph here, though, is going the extra mile in the us vs. them narrative

why’d you delete that tweet, champ? the one where you said i was “in the closet.”

i do think excerpting this portion on king and nonviolence misses a really important point

i’ve watched that video about five times now. powerful stuff. plus, yanno, this lady.

this ain’t how you make it better

this one’s for the they-get-paid-in-education crowd

now, you wanna impress me? recreate this photo with historical black figures. THAT, i would buy.

big ben got the we-kinda-think-you-raped-a-woman suspension, and it was cut. why? this.

rough day for ryan tannehill

usc’s losing. tennessee’s losing. guess whose team won today?

this dude really thought i was the one to send this to

re: that deadspin link, the late, great ralph wiley once wrote something similar.

btw, don’t skip this part of that danny ferry e-mail. it’s quite the juicy morsel buried at the end

AND #notallblackpeople RT : so wait, was the review just #notallwhite people? For real?

keep in mind these were the review’s last words. buddy thought he’d called “domino”

best part of these stories: the righteous indignation of the folks in law enforcement who get exposed

they were hard on me, too. it happens when your best keeper gets busted for a yr.