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Got me a boat load of terribly strange folk making my life a little more interesting than I generally like.

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Another nice "Red and Rover" from our friend Brian Basset. Brian, your check is in the mail! Thanks

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You have to go to the end of the DVD but there are credits for NASA support of Transformers: Dark of the Moon...

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More falling satellite humor from our friend

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Hope these DC sunrises are around next week, too...

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Must the postdocs get all the love? #BBT There may be no hope for us Liberal Arts types in a tech world :-)

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If Lego can send a figures to Jupiter on Juno, it can send a pizza to my house for FNP. But I probably shouldn't eat it.

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Juno's go for launch! Here it sits on top of its Atlas V. Another terrific image from

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Here meets fans in NYC after taping for Thursday night

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TGIFNP! What a week...

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A special Friday Night Pizza from space...

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President Barack Obama speaks with the crews of #STS135 and the ISS from the Oval Office at the White House

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I know we need to thank for the space level in Seasons but I'm catching myself playing it everywhere

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At 12:47 p.m. EDT, hatches were opened between the ISS and Atlantis, beginning the joint phase of #STS135

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The 12th and last time Atlantis docked to ISS and the 37th shuttle docking to the orbiting lab #STS135

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Finally got 3 stars on the Seasons space level. Trying to up my score while waiting for ISS docking

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Space shuttle Atlantis is seen through the window of a Shuttle Training Aircraft (STA) during today's launch of #STS135

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Finally get to share a personal view I had of today's #STS135 launch. What an amazing day...

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Nice present When you can do this, give me a call! :-)

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STS-1 pilot Bob Crippen speaks to the tweeps at the #NASATWeetup

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Who would have guessed a tweet from one bird to another would lead to something fun in Seasons?

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