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I put "idk ... idc" as an answer to "... How does Jesus equate this parable with the kingdom of God."


Why the hell did the creators of 'Kim Possible' ever choose Ron's pet to be a naked mole rat.. those things are ugly

Let's hope this happens at E3 this year

Yea i can drill some holes for you

Today's earthquake--Forever in our memories

And this random nonsense we did downtown

On the topic of gifs, i present: & the pigeon that tried to kill him (not really)

I'm so glad i caught this, Pam is too much

i'm 12 years old

make a new layer, add whatever the watermark is and turn the opacity to like <50%


I'm actually disgusted, what have i created... A good example of bad graphic design

yooo i learned that while back!

'Murica can't be serious...

mona lisa rocks it