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This guy takes his job to seriously. Get out my way.

If you drink this. You life ain't bout shit #racks on #racks on #racks

We're having a white trash party!!!!!

Look at the mother fuc_in wheeeels. #clean for once

This is what I'm doing now

If you drink this you ain't bout shit. #cantmakethisup

Spandex should come with a weight limit. #overthelimittweet

This the only reason I come to target... I gotta juice habit I got to support

What the fuck is that on your boot?????

These guys are way to close. #justsayin

Born to get wiiiiidddeerrrr XXXXXXXL #wow

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear and this bitch has fake everything

This shit is not safe at at

This shut is not safe at at

cuz this isn't working for me anymore and there's rain on the way

You can not tell me this is not a registered sex offender. Really a camera. #Kentucky

3 ways over. Not all it's cracked up to be

My first 3 way

Yes this guy is digging for cigarette butts in the ash tray. Yes that is also a way to catch #herpes

Clearly this couple is confused on who to root for. #osu and #ut. Their not even rivals. I fuckin love #Kentucky.

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