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We are at this place, which is real.

My bro-in-law adopted this pit bull that might rip our faces off. Look:

N's first self-portrait. I love this so much I might marry it.

A well-wrapped Dyker Heights tree.

Dyker Heights Christmas light craziness. Caught this wreath being delivered.

The difference between a spoon that's been used for ten years and one that's been in storage. Stainless steel, even!

Farewell to our two rental jeeps: Mango Fire Lion and Tofu White Flash.

Waiting for the rain to pass so we can find the iguana herd at the Westin.

Thanksgiving dinner. Cajun turkey, mac n cheese, roasted potatoes, rice and beans, and a Painkiller, eaten outside. Delicious!

Blessed and thankful. Happy day to all.

As promised, a pic of all snorkeled up.

Good morning, starshine. It is raining right now, weirdly enough.

Here in the Caribbean little rainbows help you find the ferry you need to take next.

Tallulah is READY.

Slide was fun. At the end you turn into one of these.

View of the 4th floor, with bird cage mobile (live birds!) and entrance to slide. Screams from sliders echo in the space.

Still on line. Here's the mirrored swing carousel. D and I are in this pic.

About to chow down with at Yama.

Now a corduroy wedding is happening. This is real.