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Some high swinging.

Someday soon my daughter will be too old to dance in public like this. Thank god it hasn't happened yet.

Just a buncha baboons.

Well-trained sea lion leaping.

Again I cannot overstate the appeal of the slightly lopsided spinning disk.

Spring break is for swingers.

T and Ags at the big pink monster.

Hairy puppet theater at Children's Museum of the Arts!

I am letting this happen.

N w/ Gowanus, F train, and lollipop.

Meanwhile, this is T. She's just like her mother.

That was hilarious. Kurt and Kristen are amazing.

Old photos at my parents' house. Here's my senior portrait from college. Hair!

Why don't they have sound proof booze rooms for the adults in these places? You'd make a mint.

Ghost Arcade

The Wonder Wheel in winter mode (cars removed)

HellllllllllO, walrus!

Today's subway adventure: riding in the front of the first car on the 7 train.

The kids are riding a totally real roller coaster at the Please Touch Museum on Philly!

Hands on a Soft Bun