Servant of Allah, Al-Quran my guide =) Muhammad S.A.W my prophet =)...I rock my own style .. I dance my own beat ;) 3 oh and My mom still the Best! =))

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Alhamdulillah ☺

While waiting

#ootd shirt from MNG , necklace from H&M , jeans from ZARA , shoes from Rubi weehoo #curve #wpp

Coffee talk with mr E ☃


Hehe waiting my car to be fix

Its me

Sakae Sushi ☺ om nom nom

Selepas jogging :) abaikan laa tgn anas yg tak runcing tu terinterframe lak hahah

Sedang jogging pon kena pose huhu abaikan je laa muka ketat aunty sebelah tu lol

Before jogging pose dulu mcm tak biase dgn moi :P

Sushi time wif \☺/

Let's breakfast ! ☺ yums

Burger Bakar ! ☺

Yummy got my self a chocolate cake at this our to fulfils my sweet tooth cravings !

Poor my baby whitey baru nk mandi

Me myself and I

Let's eat !