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Told you I was making a lot of soup.

way to bring your A game. This is how your store filled a large fry

Cisco Network ERV . Pro-Bono NIMS type2 coms truck with the right priorities. Very cool #cl11

World of solutions line at #cl11

I built a #rapture survival kit.

new career?

Got the new Khet 2.0 from . Who wants to play?

The only sticker likely to make it onto my new car. Like all good things in life, it comes from

Free Timmy sticker = happy. Torn hitchhikers guide = sad. Can Haz RMA? 255F4B1C40

Different pic, but just for I'm not using instagram for this one. Christmas decorations at home.

Good news? Or old sign?

went to screw in a lightbulb and the whole outside came off while the inside stayed in the socket. #therewassmoke

4 phone calls later, still says this does not exist. #photoshop'd?

Why send me this if I'm not allowed to have it? & the up sell at end of call is abt 4 minutes long for act shield

Found in downtown normal

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