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I blog about liars in media + politics. I often get lied about as a result. I know/teach SEO kung fu.

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Iain Dale's background/avatar combo in all its glory. (PS: you sicken me.)

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'Forsaken' describe themselves as a charity in their Keywords META Tag. #dorries

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, 'on holiday' but unable to keep away from Twitter, gets had by troll. Time to take a break, Dunc

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Mildly amusing unfortunate placement of rating stars. Those ******* middlemen.

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I watched http://j.mp/9yv413 so YouTube recommended I watch http://j.mp/9OjhLb (nsfw) What ARE they trying to say?

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Sadly, Mr Joe DeAngelis "cannot fill orders outside the U.S."

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The Sun. Page 3. Rhian (23, from Manchester) reflects on the writings of Nietzsche.

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Ann Widdecombe spotted in book of old jokes

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[screengrab] RT Once again, I've ruined the sidebar of The Independent's blog site: http://goo.gl/Zpe7

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Night falls here in Rothbury and... wait... yes, I can confirm that police have just lit the Gaz-Signal #moatgate

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The front page of today's Express is a disgrace, the comments by Lord Rodger witless http://j.mp/bwJ06R

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Batman loses perspective:

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No, not Anglia Television, but *Anglican* Television. This nice man used to sing about god + rainbows on Oz TV

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Camping in Parliament Square is OK when Tories do it. Here's Anne Milton & Jeremy Hunt in action

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Not-very-good-lawyer ♥ not-very-bright-politician Sarah Palin http://is.gd/cPRiH (ht )

  • 2295 days ago via site
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#1 prob a joke. Not happy about you publishing the rest. Do u stand by it? http://bit.ly/c51RS5

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If someone really did 'advice' Dorries to shut down her site, they didn't think it through. #1 spot, here I come:

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Final tweets + post by Nadine Dorries. Note both involve the same (ahem) poorly-received attack on

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DavidT submitted it and (as I said + you RTed) published it http://bit.ly/aTndpI

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This is going to be fun. Look at what happens when people come looking for Nads on twitter now

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