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I blog about liars in media + politics. I often get lied about as a result. I know/teach SEO kung fu.

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Someone has abandoned a collection of unsent Christmas cards in the rain. Spirits officially dampened!

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Silence from since he's been outed as a Tory stooge. Even his campaign site knows something's up

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[caption missing] #savile #heath

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Here's the next big scandal waiting to unfold after #Savile; no-one dares to stand up to this old pervert!

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Benjamin Rabbit and the Stranger Danger: book cover and text of introduction by Jimmy Savile

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A screen capture for you from this: http://youtu.be/bZgZbhfe2fI I thought someone might like it as a profile pic

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I discovered something special in the 'Everything a £1' aisle.

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There's something really quite special about these messages, especially the one at the bottom.

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One of t'promo displays The Sun have been investing so heavily in. Result: naked Harry in countless shop windows

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David Cameron watching CCTV. What a sport.

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I get a lot of comments under this BNP video: http://youtu.be/Gnt-7VoHKfw Not all of them are published.

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It's fun reading Mail articles about Dorries, looking for Worst Rated' comment & guessing who may have written it

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Walked past this yesterday, approx 2 miles south of Guildford on the A281. http://j.mp/KBnKld

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Ew. is tweeting about her sex life:http://j.mp/LhBIb6

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Transcript of Hunt at Leveson shows how often he hid behind what he 'thought' happened (as far as he could recall)

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Interesting choice of layout in recent edition of (scan via reddit http://j.mp/MUf2Qj)

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Young Tory () gets hot tongue and cold shoulder from .

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Here's , playing it cool. If I've got no evidence, what's holding Rice back? http://j.mp/INjDUg

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#Dorries' post-#HIGNFY 'shotgun' tweets: wider context. Note 'pratt' (sic). Inspiring l'esprit de l'escalier.

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Screen capture of 1st tweets by (for benefit of those on handheld devices) Re http://j.mp/INjDUg

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