let them eat cake...because that leaves all of the burritos for me!

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Fun fact. Burger King here is Hungry Jack and beer cozies are stubby holders.

I was told that under no circumstance should I attempt to eat a burrito in Australia. Oops.

T minus eleven to lift-off!

Unique interpretation of the word avocado

Who ARE these people? PallMalls? The 80s called and they want their gas pump back.


This is before the real flooding started


Is that a synonym for Meg Whitman?

An ADHD construction worker

Low budget potholders. I hate.

Cuppa Blissa

Best day of my life. Thanks, Virgin!

Someone just bought a new

I could totes move out to the oregon coast.

Stumbled upon some sort of strange fiesta oasis in portland..

How is this product pronounced, do you suppose?

Sling man's slug feet. Can finally post. Love US wifi!

British mint tea is the fanciest thing in all the land! #newanglophile

Knights ahoy!

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