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After seeing the Pacino & Walken pic on I had to make this

it's happening Gareth, it's happening. This tops my work Xmas do when I was mounted by Pat Sharp.

Thanks to my Gibert naan, THE Gaz Top is discussing my naked man avi. Twitter is bloomin awesome sometimes

I also made a naan bread into Gilbert.

I drank booze out of a giant dog bowl last night. I am now suffering the consequences.

A text from my mate Al.

I've been given this. This day can only get better by Ryan Gosling walking in and licking the inside of my womb

Come on! Barry Motter?! No?


I see my 'talent' for cock doodles is wasted here *flounces off to facebook*

I'm liking JK Rowlings new adult direction

It's a bit worse when you actually read it!

So today we hit our monthly target and our quarterly. We celebrated by making our sofa into a face.

I did it loz, I did it.. *hangs head*

I hope it's suitable for you ;)

I've seen the future

can't find a photoblog but I found this ()

Surely I win something for this titty jackpot?

Wow, that face pack worked a treat! Must have contained jizz

How's work going? My day off has gone all girlie/league of gentlemanly

Have you ever eaten a pancake that tasted of forgotten dreams and even Nutella couldn't save it?

I just have.

I'll try again, my dogs in a huff

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