sarah :3


A papercut survivor that is socially awkward. @ImAPurpleDino_ is the blaine to my angst.

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Been thinking of dying my hair this color for the longest time.. #hopefullythissummeriwill

lOL DYING #america

drew this at crabby joes earlier.. I have no regrets. #haveyoueverbeenaginger?? #brave

broke my earphones beyond repair... um whoops


LOL got this word on instagram! Reminded me of

Got 'Broadway' on draw something. First thing I thought of! #darrencriss #playbill

This girl on draw something doesn't like me and taylor much.... #notsorry

THERE IS NOTHING HOBBIT-LIKE ABOUT THAT! #inappropriate #whoops #notsorry

I was so busy looking at his peni- um that I almost didn't notice his buzzlight year shirt #notsorry

All I see is penis and a buzzlight year shirt.. HOW ARE YOU SO SEXUAL & ADORABLE AT THE SAME TIME?!

Glad you came remix or some shit like that.

Can't explain the things wrong with me. #sorrynotsorry

He loves me I promise.. #convosbetweenmeandstepfatherdearest #smileyface

AND MY OTHER BROTHER LIKES TO STEAL MY IPOD... Hsldvhksd stop being adorable okay :(

The way my brother watches 'Finding Nemo' is the cutest thing aaaw

Darren Criss and Marianas Trench trending.. KYANA LET'S DIE TOGETHER #CRYING #SOMUCHEMOTIONS

Smiley face.

Told the girl at starbucks my name was blaine. #yolo

Literally the best thing ever. I AM DYING. #klaining