sarah :3


A papercut survivor that is socially awkward. @ImAPurpleDino_ is the blaine to my angst.

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Mmm, I have hot chocolate. #inagoodmood #watchingdisneymovies #happysarah :3


Going out for a fancy family dinner, I think I cleaned up quite well :3


Me and my friends were the power puff girls, and I was buttercup! #herpderp

oh snap-a-doodles look what I gots- some gay glasses. #forealz

' #YSF pictures tonight... i just..

sassy unicorn is sassy- i named him blainers cause she has fifty bowties

hey guise remember when this happened and we all sobbed

omfg i

here you go bb

So I'm eating m&m's and I see this... CANNIBALISM!! #icant

same bro

Nom nom nom


done packing; now I'm reading sO DON'T BOTHER ME

found a loads of harry potter items in mastermind.. #sortinghat #snakes #siriusblack #andfluffy

oh hey having fun watching mulan over there? ;) #disney


Mmmm.. #pasta #delicious