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Creator of Blambot Comic Fonts. Graphic Designer. Letterer for Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, and many more.

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Sleuth Serif BB, the Blambot free font for May is now available!

THERE. That's better. Corrected the U. If you're a type geek, you can A/B this graphic with the last one I posted.

1st look at "SleuthSerif BB", the May free font! Coming at you shortly.

First look: "SleuthSerif BB", the May free font. Coming at you shortly…

Here's what the parts of a font look like as I'm building it. Before everything is united and cleaned up. #typography

I sneaked out.

Finalized cover dress for THE BERSERKER'S DAUGHTER collection #1:

"+3 Font vs. Goblinkind" …in progress.

Another idea for the hang tags on this year's batches of wine… Hmmm.

I just searched Netflix for the classic slasher film, My Bloody Valentine. These are the alternatives it came up with:

You are getting FIGHT TO THE FINISH BB today for sure. Here's what comes in the package!

First look! April pay font, FIGHT TO THE FINISH! 8 Font set! And here are some samples:

First look! April pay font, FIGHT TO THE FINISH! 8 Font set!

Here's that rare Hot Rod Red tele body. I rebuilt w/ all Fender parts:

New navigation icons in place on the Blambot Services and Fonts pages.

Finally feeling better. And it's a good thing because I'm about to have a house full of relatives here for Easter dinner!

I'm such a tease…

Finished custom font for !