Im Blake Boston from Boston, also a meme(whatever the f*ck that is)AKA Scumbag Steve, whatever FUCK YA IM SCUMBAG STEVE.DEAL

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I'm so fucking happy the #bruins are back on the ice !!! #boston sports

Read this shirt bitches. It's on.

Yeah son!!! It's time. Playoffs fuckas.

My girl boney ass melly. So sexy.

How fucked is this? My hats gone so mainstream it's on baby sites, so fucking strange no?

Man oh man, the shit that gets done to me.

Scumbag Steve goes to and gets free swag, merry Xmas sister , look what I bought you.

My boy lboog built a fire and forgot to open the flue. Our girls are outside with burnt eyes. Smoke blocked cock.

My boy lboog made our girls a fire. That's smoke, he forgot to open the fucking flue. Now they're outside.burnteye

Ya Scumbags can read more than the funnies , front page of the Boston globe. MEMES (your girls wet dream)

Even tho the saying sucked,seeing someone in my shirt is still fucking dope! Bartender at waxys

Looks like I just broke my nose.